World Book Day-A Celebration Of Unveiling Information


Nazma Raichuri, Hounslow East

World Book Day (2nd March) is a celebration of books and reading, but most importantly it’s a celebration of unveiling the amazing world of information and wealth of knowledge that great books have to offer.

Every true Muslim acquires knowledge as a fundamental principle of their faith, this is expressed through our belief in books, like the Torah of Moses (peace be on him), the Psalms of David (peace be on him), and many others given to all other messengers of Allah. The Holy Quran encompasses the knowledge of all these Holy Scriptures that were sent to the earth  and in it one finds all the answers to do with truth and wisdom.

The Holy Quran accepts the concept of human development, and it is not addressed to any one segment of people. It seeks the reform of everyone and sets forth all standings of human development, moral, spiritual etc. It teaches the ways of humanity and thereafter teaches moral virtues.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, standing true to the task of propagating this essential knowledge, publishes record number of translations of the Holy Quran, and provides various publications on religious, political, social, and contemporary world issues. The Community organizes peace summits across the world to encourage conversation, debate, and knowledge sharing.

Every reader experiences their life, relationships, and habits change and evolve with each good book they read. So this day is a reminder of how very important, nay, crucial good literature and literacy is to the progression of humanity. So, please take advantage of a new world waiting for you as you read through those pages and find the answers you are looking for. Of course, if you are interested, please also reach out to  and help us in spreading the beautiful message of the Holy Quran to reach every human heart..


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