New Year Reflections

NY reflections.png

Nazma Raichuri, Hounslow East

New Year’s Eve is always a display of global celebrations, with fireworks and other jubilations in many countries. Families and friends get together rounding up the year to celebrate the new hope and new dreams that the coming year will bring.

It is also another excuse for some to indulge in hedonistic and at times disruptive merry-making. But to true believers of Allah, it provides another opportunity to show gratitude for all they have received, which is what Ahmadi Muslims aim to achieve. Many Ahmadi Muslims across the world resolve through a day of fasting and all-night praying to begin the New Year by becoming more sincere in their devotion and more eager to renew their spirituality and their connection to God.

The beginning of each year reminds us that we are here only for a limited time and this should be a time for honest self-evaluation and setting personal goals. Whether, these are physical, emotional or spiritual. Prayer is a powerful weapon, so one must use this earnestly and abundantly to seek help and courage from Allah to achieve one’s goals.

The New Year will truly be happy, if we create within us the desire and effort to better ourselves through kindness, through wisdom, through generosity, and pray to seek Allah’s blessing and help for us all. Ameen.


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