I Think Fasting Is A Good Idea

My Ramadhan

Riyya Ahmad, age 12, Aldershot, UK

It’s finally here, the month of fasting for Muslims worldwide. Ramadan is the month where we remember the people who are less fortunate than us. Most of all it’s the time to remember Allah. As a young Muslim school girl I do not have to keep a full fast.

The feeling of waking up at 2:30 am makes your blood rush. The streets are silent and not a light is lit. I offer 2 Nawafil, voluntary prayer, and come down to have my sehri, the pre-dawn breakfast. We usually have boiled eggs and tea for sehri as it gives us protein. Then we all perform Fajr Prayer at dawn as a family.

This is followed by us sleeping for the rest of the morning and not waking up until 7am. Then I get ready for school, I put my headscarf on and get ready for the day. At about 2pm I tend to break my fast as I am young and then perform Zuhr Prayer.

After keeping a fast you feel proud that in those special hours you remembered Allah and that you have His blessings. Some adults do not feel too hungry but those who feel the hunger can understand the exact feeling the less fortunate do.

It has been scientifically proven that fasting helps your immune system immensely. As a young school girl I only do mini fasts at the weekends as I find it hard at school.

I think fasting is good idea; do you?


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