With God In Heart And A Positive Mind


By Sadia Sami, Canada

It was in 2008 when my family decided to move to Saskatchewan–one big land with a very, very small Ahmadiyya Muslim branch consisting of 20 people. Despite our branch being small, each individual Ahmadi came with their own unique story of struggles, success, sadness and happiness. However, one story in particular stood out to me from the rest. What started as a casual salutation between my mom and this lady turned into an hour long conversation about the life this lady had faced. She was not just anyone casual, she was the wife of an Ahmadi Muslim martyr.

Living in Pakistan, this lady was in her mid-twenties with three young children when her husband was murdered whilst driving alone in his car. What a woman faces upon the death of her husband and the father of her kids is something that is beyond anyone’s comprehension. It was hard. Days went by in tears and nights were even more frightening and lonely.

However, this woman did not once give up and instead of letting her life go, she pushed herself to do better for her family; she packed up her stuff and moved to Canada with three young children and her widowed mother. While she was a doctor by profession in Pakistan, Pakistani educational qualifications are not accepted in Canada which requires an individual to take many major exams to qualify for a Canadian degree in medicine.

Her nights were now spent studying, learning and re-teaching herself everything that she had already worked so hard for in Pakistan. While she studied, she raised her kids in a pious and humble manner. She took minimal support from outsiders and placed all her trust upon Allah, the Khalifa of the time (spiritual head) and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Years of studying resulted in her qualification to practice medicine in Canada as a gynaecologist. She put all three of her kids through school, paid each of their university and medical school tuition fees without anyone else’s support. She proudly owns her own clinic and is known as one of the finest female doctors in her field.

Despite being an amazing doctor, this lady has never missed a Friday Prayer, branch meeting or event. We all know doctors have a ridiculous amount of work and hours to get through but this has never stopped her. I remember as a 13 year old, I would hear her pager go off during Friday Prayers but she would never rush her Prayers. However, once she completed her Prayers in peace, she ran as fast as a cougar to deal with her emergencies.

She is one person who has given me hope and I feel very inspired by her. This lady has seen probably some of the worst things imaginable but still managed to struggle through it all with God in heart and positivity in her mind. I would catch myself complaining about something so insignificant and remember that if this lady can overcome such hardship with the support of merely her own elderly mother, then definitely I can overcome my minor issues.

If you ever had the good fortune to bump into this woman, you would never be able to tell she had been through such circumstances. She maintains a very joyful and thankful personality which has become so contagious in our very small local branch that when she is not present, we all feel incomplete.

This is just one in a handful of stories of the wives of martyred Ahmadi Muslim men. How these women overcome their struggles and pave a path for themselves through all their obstacles is exemplary for all women out there.


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