President Of Ahmadi Muslim Women In UK Responds


Nasira Rehman

As the elected president of the women’s auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK I wish to express my concerns about the Prime Minister’s recent comments regarding Muslim women in British society. Throughout history Britain has been known as a frontrunner in justice, therefore Mr. Cameron’s proposed policy which could result in deporting Muslim women due to their lack of English language and thus separating mothers from their children, is a distressing thought for any mother, Muslim or not.

In my role, I have the opportunity to liaise with over 11000 Muslim women from all backgrounds. English is not the mother tongue for many; however they endeavour to learn English to support their families and be part of society. They play an active role in supporting their communities in times of need by organizing activities including coffee mornings, and fundraising hikes for charities such as Refuge and Cancer Research; celebrating and commemorating with the country on occasions such as The Queens Centenary and Remembrance Sunday. We always attempt to bring awareness and play a positive role in our communities inviting politicians, neighbours and humanitarians to events for open discussion. In November we organized a Peace Conference which 300 women attended to listen and discuss ‘Nurture Today, Protect Tomorrow’.

Loyalty and respect to one’s country is an Islamic instruction and the head of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community,His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, a great ambassador of peace and justice, has clearly instructed his community that gatherings must be held in the language of the country. Ahmadi Muslim women under the wisdom and guidance of Caliphate, have regular meetings conducted mostly in English with an increasing number enrolling in ESOL classes.

Ahmadi Muslim women are an asset to Britain and policies such as banning all forms of gender segregation in public places and the hijjab will suppress and prevent them practicing their faith; this is wrong. Without the freedom to practice their faith the country will be deprived of doctors, teachers, paramedics and researchers etc. Educated women who seek to contribute to society but who also willingly wish to abide by the conditions of their faith will be stifled by the Government. Not only will this hurt and frustrate the women but it will also hurt the nation.

I come from a proud British family, my father fought for this country in Dunkirk and the Burma Front. My mother was an immigrant and housewife who raised five Muslim children who are loyal to their country. I wish and pray that the Government reconsiders these proposed policies which are targeted at only Muslim women immigrants. Certainly, all immigrants must learn English as it is a crucial requirement to enable families, people and society to integrate and respect one another.

Thank you


Nasira Rehman

President, Woman’s Auxiliary,

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK


17 thoughts on “President Of Ahmadi Muslim Women In UK Responds

  1. As president of Ahmadiyya Muslim women’s association you have summed it up beautifully. Our women, many of them immigrants do so much for the wider British community and the society that it seems absurd to point fingers at them. Their efforts and contributions should be celebrated instead.

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  2. A very accurate outline of Muslim Women’s perspective given by the President of a Muslim Women’s Association which has been actively engaged in the UK for over sixty years.
    Empowering women to enrich British society

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    1. A very good step and a very accurate and true ddiscription of an Ahmadi Muslim woman, who is always in search of knowledge and abides all the rules of living governed by her faith and religion and as a result always is faithful to the country of abode. Jazakallah Sadr sahiba for the true dipiction of an ahmadi woman.


  3. The comments of our Prime Minister saddened me. My family is from Germany and we live here for 20 years. Great Britain is our home. I can only confirm what Mrs. Rehman said. I was president of the Ahmadi women organisation in the UK before her and have experienced amazing women; young and old, they are well anchored and rooted in the British society and trying hard to raise their children as good British citizen that following their religion and contribute positively to the progress and prosperty of this country in as many areas of life as possible.I thought Mr. Cameron knew that.

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  4. Beautifully said Nasira, I am also really concerned by such absurd and forceful policies. I pray they never come to fruition. God forbid if they did then I would have to consider migrating and becoming an immigrant myself!!!
    I could never live in such a country that would stop me from practicing my faith.
    Mr Cameron please don’t destroy BEAUTIFUL BRITAIN!!!
    Re-think what you have said and written and though Mr Cameron
    Did you consult any Muslim women at all before coming out with this absurd idea?

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  5. Congratulations respected president of Ahmadiyya Women’s Auxiliary UK. We all share your sentiments! Let us hope that these voices go beyond our ears and to the ears and minds of those who govern this country.


  6. Very nicely answered sadar sahiba. We live and abide what the Holy Prophet peace be upon him said: ‘It is a duty of every Muslim man and women to acquire knowledge’
    Just watch on link below the educational awards ceremony of ladies at our Jalsa Salana of 2014 . In 2015 even a blind women from Croydon received an award for her graduation. /z-S4zuulSRo


  7. It’s excellent to read this well considered rational response to what seems to have been a knee jerk emotive headline. I do hope our political leaders recognise the good work that organisations such as the Ahmadiyya Women’s Auxillary are leading to support tolerance and integration in the wider community.

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  8. A very well composed article which encompasses our feelings precisely. Being an important part of the British society, Muslim women are involved in all walks of life. By singling them out Mr David Cameron is shaking the very foundations of human rights which our country is based on. As an immigrant Muslim woman from the Ahmaddiyya Muslim Community, I feel Mr Cameron should with immediate effect repulse such statements and on the contrary encourage people from all faiths and backgrounds to learn the English language.


  9. Very nicely written Nasira sahiba. A policy to encourage all foreign immigrants to improve their English language and literacy skills is most certainly a positive step for the British government to take. However aiming this specifically at women with a Muslim faith background is highly derogatory and inconsistent with the fundamentals of The Equality Act and not to mention The Human Rights Act. A policy such as this could potentially increase tension between the Muslim community and the wider society. I hope and pray a discreet approach is taken to solve the problems that Mr. Cameron foresees in relation to the language barriers and so called radicalization of Muslim women.


  10. Well expressed respected Sadr Sahiba. I would only like to say that our religion, Islam teaches loyalty towards one’s country and that’s exactly the Islam Ahmadi Muslim Women in Britain portray as evident by our efforts to integrate in to society and get involved in social work to make Britain a better place and for those who live in it. We are always encouraged to organise events which not only improve our relationship with fellow citizens but also enable us to do more for the community. The implementation of such unfair ideas will not improve anything and would only add fuel to religious intolerance in the UK.


  11. Assalam O Alaikum. Thank you for such a beautiful message. May Allah enable David Cameron to understand such important aspects of our lives. Thank you once again.


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