Pictorial Review of 2015 – Lajna Ima’illah UK


With the grace of Allah and through the blessings of Khilafat, the work of Lajna Ima’illah UK, the women’s auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association is ongoing throughout the year. Now as 2015 draws to a close we look back to some of the things Lajna UK was enabled to do over the year.

1. Sports

On a chilly February morning a charity walk was held in Richmond Park to raise money for breast cancer. This was followed in April by an international volleyball tournament, the first of its kind to be held by Lajna in the UK, although it has been held by Lajna in other countries. This year UK emerged as victors after the closely contested matches.

Later in the year a sports day was held as well.

What has now become an annual hike event took place in the Peak District this year and as ever was thoroughly enjoying by the participants.

Humanity First    

2. Humanity First                                                                                                                                                                                 

Alhamdolillah, in May Lajna held a hugely successful dinner to raise funds for Humanity First Water Well Appeal.

With the grace of Allah, a sell-out audience enjoyed dinner and an auction and raised over £100,000 for the worthy appeal.

Meena Bazaar

3. meena bazaar
Lajna UK held its annual meena bazaar, a colourful and fun event, at Baitul Futuh complex in May; the theme was “Upcycling” and regional stalls reflected this by making creative use of materials. Guests tasted food from around the world, browsed stalls selling clothes and jewellery, and enjoyed beauty therapies while children had fun with games and a bouncy slide.

Nasirat – youth organisation

4. Nasirat

Later in May a youth camp was held for older Nasirat at Islamabad where they took part in learning and sports activities, ending with a bonfire and barbecue.

As well as residential camps and the Nasirat tailored learning programme, they also participated in sports and charity work throughout the year, including fundraising for charities chosen by themselves.

Jalsa Salana

5. Jalsa Salana UK 2015

Alhamdolillah, the 49th UK Jalsa Salana took place at Hadeeqa tul Mahdi in August; Lajna teams were out in force to look after guests from the UK and all over the world.

Weather-wise sunshine was mixed with showers through the weekend of Jalsa, but spirits remained high as female guests met family and friends, browsed the colourful bazaar and visited various exhibitions. The highlights of Jalsa as ever were the spiritually uplifting addresses delivered by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V over the three days.

October – Ijtema

6. ijtema

Lajna and Nasirat ijtema was held at Islamabad in October; it was notable for being organised at short notice and as well as the traditional academic competitions featured workshops, food and clothes stalls, exhibitions and a popular ‘Great Lajna Bake-off’ feature. Many Lajna and girls afterwards stated that this was the ‘best ijtema ever’. It was indeed a memorable experience.


7. poppy

In recent years men of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association have been very visible out raising money by selling poppies. This November Lajna members, as well as selling poppies held Poppy Teas which alone raised £1500 in funds for the Royal British Legion.

November – Peace Symposium

8. Peace Symposium

The 7th National Peace Symposium of Lajna was held in November at the Baitul Futuh complex. The theme was “Nurture Today, Protect Tomorrow” and a packed hall of 300 guests listened to addresses from various speakers, enjoyed dinner and socialised.


9. interfaith

In addition to the national Peace Symposium local Lajna groups around the UK held peace symposiums, interfaith seminars and coffee mornings throughout the year to promote the peaceful message of Islam.

Lajna members and their families were also encouraged to learn about other faiths and visiting places of worship was one idea that was encouraged.

Service for Humanity

10. Service for Humanity
With the grace of Allah Lajna members were extremely active in providing assistance to those who needed it, both Lajna members as well as those who are not. This included helping local people with shopping and fundraising, collecting for food banks as well as visiting care homes and hospitals with gifts. There was a great emphasis on all of the above around the Christmas holiday season when various local Lajna groups delivered Seasons Greetings.


12. education

Programmes of learning continued to be arranged throughout the year to give members knowledge in Islam, handicrafts, health, trade and various other matters.

May Allah enable us in the New Year to continue to strive in His way in making our humble contributions, made possible with His grace alone and through the beneficence of Khilafat e Ahmadiyya. We give thanks for our immense good fortune to be in such close proximity of True Khilafat and pray that Allah makes us worthy recipients of its blessings. Ameen.




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